2021 Devolution line-up

Devolution has always been a project I wanted to play on stage. So here are the 3 other musicians who joined the band in the last few weeks!

Pic by Laura Kaczmarek

Antoine (guitar)

We met during a gig with Antropofago, at the Nantes Deathfist, while Antoine was here as a FOH engineer. Finally, it’s in Toulouse that we met again a few years later, notably as guitarists in Sunnudagr.

His vision of metal & music, his guitar playing and the confidence I have in him have naturally led to his integration into Devolution.

Antoine also helped me on this Vomitory cover

MAD (drum)

MAD is young but MAD knows how to hit a drum set as it should be!
Check out his Youtube channel or, in a more relaxed genre, listen to The Hounds to get an idea of his playing.

Lunel (basse)

Lunel is a versatile artist: from jazz to death metal, from double bass to 5-string fretless guitar bass, nothing can stop him!


The rehearsals will start at the end of June, we hope to be quickly ready to meet you on stage as soon as possible. Official photos are also planned in the coming months, stay tuned!

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