Devolution combines the violence and intensity of death metal with the overwhelming epicness of melodic black metal in order to depict the failings and perspectives of humanity.

The project was born in 2015 when Clément (Antropofago, ex-Opprobre, ex-Sunnudagr) decided to release a first old school demo, The Perpetual Motion. He then surrounded himself with Maelstrom (Sunnudagr, ex-Opprobre) on bass and Steeve on vocals.

In 2020, Clément revived the project and decided to produce a first album, Consumer. The album is released in 2021 and marks an evolution in the style of the band which becomes more epic, melodic and modern. Death, Amon Amarth, Windir, Dissection or Behemoth are clearly influences you can find in it. “Consumer” deals with the suffering humanity inflicts to its own individuals as well as the destruction that it causes on the planet. Conformism, impact of the others’ look on our actions and words, the collapse of our modern societies or the thirst of control of humanity on its environment are the main lyrical themes addressed.

The one-mand-band becomes a full band thanks to the addition of Antoine (Sunnudagr) on guitar, MAD (Just call me MAD) on drums and Lunel (Blue Jay) on bass.

Pic by Laura Kaczmarek
Clément – Voix et guitare
Lunel – Basse
Antoine – Guitare
MAD – Batterie